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The north-east shore of Jinja Island is fringed by two breath-taking tropical reefs, both of which provide a rich haven for a diverse range of marine wildlife. The protective mangroves which surround the island lock tons of carbon down beneath the waves.

The warm shallows around the island teem with colour and life: coral, sea anemonae, sponges, urchins, starfish, octopuses, eagle spotted rays, clown fish, barracuda, red snapper, swordfish, fry, langusta and shrimp.

At night the water glows with bio-luminescence and sparkles with the reflections of a million stars which trace a path across the firmament all the way from the North Star to the Southern Cross.


Jinja Island is located in the Bocas Lagoon and will be our central base camp where all training and preparation will take place. The Island is just over two acres in size. It features, three docks, a cabana, a bodega, dozens of palm trees.

The soil is rich in nutrients and provides a solid foundation for growing all kinds of tropical trees, plants and flowers: coconuts, bananas, pineapples, aloe vera, ginger and many more besides.

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