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Experience the Thrill of Rainforest Survival on a Caribbean Island

Are you up for an adventure? Join ProWild Adventures Ltd on a rainforest survival expedition on a Caribbean Island. Learn how to build a shelter, find food and water, and navigate through the dense jungle. Book now and experience the thrill of a lifetime! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean rainforest with ProWild Adventures Ltd. Our knowledgeable guides will take you on a journey through the lush jungle and teach you essential survival skills. Book now and discover the wonders of the rainforest!

ProWild Survival Adventures will be running events on a remote island in the Caribbean Sea, where we will teach you how to master all the skills you need to survive in the wild!

You can sign up individually or with a group of friends to embark on these adventures.  We also host corporate events and team building.

The island is situated on Bocas Lagoon's crystal-clear waters which marks Dolphin Bay's northeastern entrance. It's surrounded by gorgeous mangroves, unspoiled jungle, and two breathtaking tropical reefs on its northeastern shore.

Jinja Island is the ideal location to embark on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure and to top it off we offer as an option a relaxation day after your jungle survival adventure, going home relaxed and pampered.



What activities are involved?
We will be learning the necessary skills to survive in the wild which will include building fires, catching and preparing food, building shelter, water purification and various other activities. We will be working as a team so there won't be much to worry about as you we will ensure that you are properly trained. This will be a fun but challenging trip as we will be taking you out of your comfort zone and into the shoes of a survivor. Although we will be having fun doing it and we will part-take in set challenges making it one of best experiences of your life!

How do we get to the island?
To get here you will need to take a separate flight to Bocas del Toro from the airport in Panama city, once you have arrived in Bocas Del Toro, you will need to walk roughly 800m towards the sea and we will collect you by boat. We will then take you to Jinja Island where the adventure will begin!

Do I need to bring my own equipment, if so, what do I need to bring?
No equipment is required as the use of our equipment is included, just bring a sense of humor!


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